Insulation of tanks, PIPES

With the help of sprayed foam, we also insulate tanks and provide them with corrosion protection. The seamless layer provides heat and water insulation and a perfect solution for corrosion protection when insulating new and old tanks. The containers can also be sunk into the soil, as the closed-cell foam does not absorb water and is mold-resistant. It is also a thermal insulator, so it provides an optimal temperature for the grain stored in the container. To insulate these non-flat surfaces with traditional technology would be almost impossible, both in terms of durability and quality.


Forget heat loss and corrosion damage! The pipes are completely surrounded by the shape-following material and provided with a gap-free coating! Durable insulation up to 20 cm thickness.


The only effective solution is to achieve gap-free, airtight insulation. The closed-cell material takes the form of a container and adheres to the strength of the instant adhesive.


The applied foam is protected from the sun with the Polyurea UV protection layer, but even a paint layer or a bitumen coating can be applied. Storage tanks can also be sunk into the ground.

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