Industrial building insulation

Our company is specialized for the thermal and water insulation of halls, warehouses and office buildings - quickly, easily, with a 10-year guarantee. An important criterion in the insulation of lightweight buildings is the elimination of thermal bridges caused by metal structures and the condensation that condenses on the surfaces. The resulting damage can be easily avoided even with the thinnest 3 cm thick foam foam insulation. Problems related to the thermal insulation of plate surfaces will be solved in the short term, in the long run. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, we help to minimize damage to the building caused by poor insulation.

Product Features


Foam density: 55 kg/m3

Compressive strength: 280 kPa

Thermal conductivity: 0.024 W/mK

Fire classification: B2-es self-extinguishing

Reaction to fire: E

Air permeability: 0,00004 l/sm2




Condensing warehouses

Low comfort

High heating and cooling costs

Damage to machines and products




Water and heat insulating layer in one

Moisture and mold resistant

Loadable, high compressive strength

A continuous, seamless layer

Easy to clean

Quick insulation

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Other applications