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Insulation of buildings against water, heat and condensation

Modernization of warehouses and animal farms. Insulation of flat roofs, solution of cooling and heating problems in residential buildings. Effective insulation of the attics and side walls of a family houses. Slab, subfloor - even by floor heating. Renovation of old roofs. Insulate with us - 1000m2/ day, with a 10-year warranty! Complex solutions without pitfalls.

Sprayed polyurethane foam is both effective in heat and water insulation, yet vapor permeable, so multiple problems can be solved in one step. Thanks to our technological background, qualified raw materials and competent team, our company got the largest construction company in Hungary.

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In the case of roof, the sprayed foam insulates and eliminates thermal bridges, while providing a long-lasting roof cladding system. With using sprayed foam, significant energy costs can be saved, in addition increases the value of the property. Thermal insulation is one of the best forms of investment: energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60%.

A homogeneous layer is formed over the entire surface, filling the surface 100%, filling all the small cracks and cavities. The completed insulation forms a uniform, heat-bridge-free surface. You can easily insulate specially shaped surfaces. Perfect insulation at critical points. It can be applied to virtually any surface, directly on roof tiles, cracked corrugated slate, plasterboard, reeds, slag, wood, metal, concrete, etc. Thanks to the spraying on site, it adapts to your building, even the most complex roof structure can be insulated.

The cell walls of the molecularly structured, closed-cell insulating foam do not allow water through but can help vapor diffuse. Thanks to these properties, the foam traps water while providing “breathing” to the insulated surface. It eliminates condensation on the trapezoidal sheet surfaces and can create a thermally insulated building without any particular difficulty.

Time is money. You don’t have to give up your comfort for months or get out of production. Thanks to the fast setting of pur, we can insulate up to 500-1000 m2 in one day. It can be done quickly and cost-effectively.

We offer a 10-year full warranty. We work with the best, tested BASF products! Long service life with the same performance, its properties do not change over time. Construction is fast, simple, does not require special tools and supplies, there are no hidden costs. It retains its size and shape for a long time, does not shrink and does not collapse.

The closed-cell foam is an excellent sound insulator.

In the case of corrugated slate, it can be a big problem to replace old, aged, cracked, broken slate, as this is an extremely difficult task and their removal is expensive. The closed cell polyurethane foam provides a perfect solution for this, as there is no need to remove the old slate roof.

The closed cell material makes the insulated building stiffer, statically stronger. Due to the density of the material, the roof becomes more stable.

Although the surface of the foam insulation is not completely smooth, it is fully walkable when sprayes onto a slab, it also provides water and heat insulation under the base concrete.

It can be applied to almost any surface. It is not necessary to remove the previous layers, thus not exposing the the building during the construction to the weather. You can choose the thickness as you wish. It can be applied to virtually any surface and can be used to insulate corrugated slate, tiles, bricks, trapezoidal sheets, flat roofs, basements, pipes and tanks.

Self-extinguishing (class B2), does not fuel combustion. It is harmless to health and does not count as hazardous waste. Sprayed polyurethane foam is a very versatile material that has been proven to meet the challenges of the construction industry and allows for easy and quick insulation of complex buildings. 


Areas of application

Detached and condominium houses

Rhermal and water insulation of family houses. It also provides excellent thermal insulation when applied on a slab. Perfect, gap-free heat and waterproofing of side walls.


In stables, temperature fluctuations negatively affect the development of animals, which affects feed use, meat and milk production.


An important criterion by insulating lightweight buildings is the elimination of thermal bridges caused by metal structures and the condensation on the surfaces.

Flat roof

Sprayed foam can be used to solve the water and thermal insulation of the flat roof of the building in one step. Whether new or existing roof surface, you can quickly make it waterproof and heat-bridge-free for a long time.

Tank and container

With the help of sprayed foam, we not only heat-insulate the tanks seamlessly, but also provide corrosion protection.


Due to its free shape properties and its light weight, it is a popular material among interior designers, decorators and artists.


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