Grainhouse, silo

Our company mainly deals with the renovating of agricultural buildings.

In the case of storages, silos and other warehouses, the preservation of the condition of the crop stored in them is primary. Proper heat and water insulation and the elimination of condensation are essential for storing crops. External insulation of the top, side wall and plinth of aged silos, fruit and potato storages with the help of sprayed foam technology. The solution of all your problems can be done quickly and efficiently.


Product Features


Foam density: 55 kg/m3

Compressive strength: 280 kPa

Thermal conductivity: 0.024 W/mK

Fire classification: B2-es self-extinguishing

Reaction to fire: E

Air permeability: 0,00004 l/sm2

Typical problems




Mold growth

Crop damage

Damage in buildings

High heating/ cooling costs






Heat and water insulation in one
Gap-free, shape-following
Condensation can be eliminated with it
It can be used on a wide range of receiving surfaces
Insulation of up to 500-1000 m2 of surface per day
We offer a 10-year full warranty
The best tested BASF products
Renovation of cracked, aged roofs
Up to 70% heating cost savings
Easy to clean, durable
100% continuous, seamless layer
walkable, high compressive strength

Why is it important?

Old-built grain storages often have water or condensation problems. With the right insulation, you can operate the building at a significantly lower cost: with our sprayed insulation you can aim for a cost reduction of up to 70%. Even more importantly, the insulation we offer minimizes damage to crops and in the building. With poor insulation, temperature and humidity are not constant, the grain, vegetables or fruits stored there will be damaged. The great advantage of our foam insulation is that it can save your old building, you don’t have to demolish it in part or in whole. The material is harmless to health, resistant to mold, and not liked by rodents.

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